Data Security

nmFLO provides you with a data purging technology that permanently and securely deletes your data, freeing up space in your warehouse, and preserving its quality. Our structured data purging strategy allows you to retain data for the required time period to satisfy data security protocols while maintaining the integrity of your data warehouse for future use.

Protocols Used

Core Architecture

nmFLO uses a Job Scheduler interface to initiate the execution of the process in the platform’s core. This is also applied to the Web API, which can be executed via HTTP protocol request.

SFTP Connector

Support for both File Transfer Protocol and Secure File Transfer Protocol is embedded in the nmFLO system providing convenient access to the SFTP server and the path for file-related operations. 

Survey Processing Flow

Real-time API calls can only support single record processing. It is recommended to process bulk data by sending it through file stream protocol.

Survey Queuing Flow  

nmFLO’s Survey Queuing Flow allows Customer Messages to be logged into the database with a ready-to-go state which can be then delivered at any specific time.  

Application Logs

Middleware maintains step-by-step logging within the database. The system implements a Logging Protocol through which system logs or event messages can be sent to a syslog server. Verbosity level for logging is also configurable where detail or high-level logging can be enabled when required. The system uses INFO and DEBUG verbosity levels to understand the flow of the system or of the operation.

Hosting: On-premise and Cloud

Whether you have decided to opt for on-premise or cloud operations, data security is paramount. nmFLO offers a tailored solution to each hosting mechanism and both ensure your data is fully secured. 

When hosting data on premise, nmFLO provides secure licensed software that functions within your in-house servers. With cloud computing, nmFLO acts as the third party managing the hosting process and securing your data in the cloud.

nmFLO has been adapting to the speed of business growth, and so should your IT.