Value drivers

Insights from customer data

The leveraging of data from different sources offers key insights that can be implemented to enhance customer experience. The nmFLO platform connects your data sources through system integrations, connecting them and bridging experience gaps. 

This enriched workflow enables you to discover your business’ existing cause-effect relationships, identify key drivers and predict future outcomes. 

Customer retention

Listening to customers, determining their pain points and resolving issues puts businesses on the right track to improve customer retention. This structured strategy ensures previous interactions are monitored and customer feedback is accounted for. 

Our technology enabler helps to develop customised loyalty programmes and offers that are based on a cross-functional collaboration between your organisation’s different portals.  

Securely leverage customer X&O data

Companies who are intent on improving customer journeys through the leveraging of X&O data must make security their top priority. 

Customers have high expectations and desire personalised brand experiences. With nmFLO, you can achieve just that by deploying data security mechanisms (data masking, data purging, etc.). These cover both on-premise and cloud applications, without exposing customer identity and other confidential information.

Optimize customer experience

Customer experience is increasingly standing out as a brand and Customer experience is increasingly standing out as a brand and service differentiator, meaning that the optimisation of all interactions is vital for organisational growth. Using nmFLO enabler, you can trace and backtrack your customer’s interactions, optimise gaps and pain points and then offer them a refined and personalised experience. 

A 360 customer view

Consistently tracking customer journeys across multiple channels and devices is one of the challenges faced by businesses. To overcome this challenge, corporates are now opting for an omnichannel experience.

nmFLO hosts data integration that allows you to collect all consumer data for a 360 view, yielding a holistic digital perspective. This not only enhances your customer intelligence but also allows for easy cross-department collaborations for an improved experience. 

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