Systems Integration Platform

Drive growth and accelerate success through digitizing your data integration, powered by nmFLO. nmFLO’s unique systems integration interface brings together all of your data sources into one single platform, enabling you to access, process, and link data through an automated process.

It replaces traditional manual data operations such as transforming and combining data sets and provides key insights for organizational growth while reducing IT costs, minimizing resources and offering improved real-time data insights.

API Management

Digitization of the global economy scheme has sparked the need to develop a dynamic API strategy and platform. It has proved to be the most effective way to extract valuable insights from all available data at enterprises that have previously been siloed.

API-led approaches have increasingly gained importance, becoming an effective way to merge systems, enhance existing experiences, products, and systems to improve customer journeys. 

SFTP Connector

Data security has become essential. It is now a business necessity. Enterprises that store sensitive and confidential customer information in their databases, such as hospitals and governmental organizations, are always at risk of web security breaches.

nmFLO’s control channel executes SFTP file transfers without the need to create a separate data channel, keeping your data secure with a protected SSH shell between your server and ours. 

User data can be created, updated, and deleted using SFTP while saving you the task of manually uploading files. It allows you to automate/schedule a task in your server to run the imports/deletions.

nmFLO’s SFTP Connector shields your data and ensures you deliver a digitized and safe experience to your customers. 

Our custom platform integrates with various systems, new and old, including legacy systems, which don’t feature API capabilities to add a new layer of security to your operation. 

nmFLO has been adapting to the speed of business growth, and so should your IT.